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Use our parent dating site to meet single dads in the UK

If you are a mother or lady looking to meet single dads in the UK, then you’ll be pleased to know that our dating service is perfectly set up to help you out. We are regarded as one of the biggest and best parent sites in the UK, and boast a huge community of over one million mums and dads, offering you lots of local dating opportunities. However, we also know it can be daunting to get started on a dating site, especially if you have just found the confidence and energy to begin meeting and socialising with new people. So to help out anyone in that position we have put together an informative four step guide to get you set up and making the most of this site.

Step 1: Get to know our site

We recommend the first thing you do is take some time to take a look around these pages before signing up and becoming part of our community. There is plenty of information to take in on these pages, and we offer all the advice and details that are bespoke to helping single parents. Take a look at our list of features and tools under the, ‘Why Choose Us’ heading to the right of this page. This lists our top attributes and is a great way to see how we are different from the competition. For a more detailed look at exactly what separates us, check out our ‘How Do We Compare’ page, that puts our service against others in the UK in a neat little comparison table. If you want to see what some of our happy, and successful members think of us, make sure to look at our ‘Testimonials’ page, which gives real feedback from our community. Finally, we have put together a very detailed Frequently Asked Questions page that hopefully should go some way to answering all your questions. If you do have anything else you want to ask us, use our ‘Contact Us’ page to send us an email or call our friendly UK head customer support team for a real-time response.

Step 2: Sign Up for Free Trial Membership

Once you are comfortable and confident that this is the right site for finding single dads then it’s time to sign up. Use our five step registration form for quick, and easy access, that should take you no more than 60 seconds. Just follow each step and enter the required information, we only ask for very basic detail at this point, but we suggest you fill this in fully for best results – we cover this in the next step. We do need you to provide a real email address, but don’t worry, we never send you any spam to your inbox.

Step 3: Fill in your profile to get the best results

So once you have signed up and got your free profile up and running, we really do suggest you take some time filling out your profile in some detail. Make sure you add at least one profile photo; this will increase your chances of receiving replies from members you message by up to 60%. It really is the most important of all things to do. After this take some time to write a brief profile description, keep it short, snappy and to the point. You don’t need to write your life story, but at the same time, you need to write something that gets across your personality and type of person you are. Whatever you do, don’t talk about your negatives, or why your last relationships didn’t work – this is not attractive and will not do you any favours.

Step 4: Search and Contact your favourite single fathers

The last step is to use our advanced search tool to find local fathers that you want to contact. To do this click the search button, make sure you have set the postcode of your location, so we know where to start our search radius from. You can search from 5 – 150 miles; we suggest going up to 15, and then increasing it depending on the results you are seeing. Obviously, in more rural areas there are going to be fewer members, so you might have to increase it. Also, use our advanced filtering system to find members who share the same interests and hobbies as you do. Once you have a list of your favourite members, contact them by sending them a message, or open up a real-time 1on1 chat if you are both online at the same time.


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