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If you are looking to meet up with fathers in your UK area, then you should try using our parent dating site to find single dads. We offer you the perfect platform and community of fun, friendly and likeminded members to browse chat and date. Our website is available in four different countries, and we have been established since 2006, so we feel we are very well equipped to offer a tailor-made single parent dating experience, that puts you in control of meeting the dads that you want to find. Every aspect of our website has been specifically developed to help you connect with our male members, while giving them the freedom, time and space they need to feel comfortable to engage back. To start contacting our members simply sign up to our service by using any of the five-step registration forms floating around the website.

How we help you find your perfect daddy match

To help you engage with our members we give you the right tools for the job. These include an advanced search tool that will bring up results of members within a mile distance from your location. The best way to encourage people to meet up and use this service to its full capability is by offering them members who are near them. It’s all well and good seeing someone you like the look of, but if they live on the opposite side of the UK, it’s pretty demoralising, unless you have your own private helicopter or prepared to move– organising meet-ups is going to be a pretty laborious and expensive task. As well as providing a local search facility we also allow you to filter your results by looks and hobbies, so say you live in London, and you want to meet a single father who is dark-haired, 6’2, and enjoys tennis and dining out – well add those filters and you’ll only see a list of men that match that criteria, pretty cool huh?

Once you have a list of your favourite male members it’s time to start contacting them and getting to know them. Again we offer the right tools to perform this task. The first is an email-style messaging system, where you send a message, and then the person you messaged has a notification to say a message has landed in the inbox of their dating account. They read it, and then hopefully reply, and the conversation goes on like that. The other brilliant method to start talking, and this will only work if you are both online, is by opening up a one-on-one real-time chat. This is great as it gets the conversation flowing like it would be if you were face to face, but without being so intense and awkward. If you are a confident person then we would recommend this option, but maybe if you get stuck for words or topics, stick with the first method until you’ve built up a good relationship with the person from emailing.

What to remember when dating single parents

It’s important to remember a few things when it comes to dating single dads or single mums. The main thing to take into consideration is that they are going to have commitments to their family and children that at times, might come before you – especially during the early hours of any blossoming relationship. Within any average day, the list of tasks they might have to carry out to perform and provide for their family could be heavily time-consuming and tiring. So our advice would be, don’t jump to conclusions if a dad is taking his time to get back to you. This doesn’t necessarily mean he is going to be ignoring you, or stopped being interested. There are a multitude of complications or possibilities when it comes to problems with kids. So keep that in mind.

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