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Hello and welcome to the biggest and best dating site to meet single dads up and down the UK. Our parent service is setup to do exactly what it says in the name, help you find a single dad for socialising, friendship, dating and hopefully long-term, happy and fulfilling relationships. Our mission here has always been to create successful romantic matches that join here as individuals and leave as couples. There really is nothing more inspiring or rewarding for us to see any of our single fathers meet a new partner to join him and his children. As a lot of our team who manage this exciting dating website have at some point been single parents, we feel we are very well educated in knowing what type of experience and environment is best to help our members connect and socialise.

What we offer

There are many, many great benefits to joining up here. The experience we have worked hard to create has been developed with single parents in mind, so each aspect of the journey is suited to your lifestyle and everyday needs. Let us briefly run through them and explain a little about how they have been designed to help you out.

We have over 1 million active members meaning we can offer you a local date wherever you live in the UK – The best thing about being successful at what you do, is that you also get to be really popular. So we are lucky that we can offer single parents a local dating experience, so they hardly have to move off their doorstep to meet their perfect match.
 Advanced search filters that let you search for your members that match your favourite interests or look. If you like blonde men, who are tall, well-built and are into the gym and wine, then use our advanced search tool to find fathers that match that exact description.
 Our website has been designed to work on your mobile or tablet – This gives you the chance to do all your day to day fatherly requirements, whilst at the same time never being too far away from your account to answer those new messages, or look for a member online nearby.
 Our site is moderated by a team of real people called, ‘The Dating protectors’ and it’s their job to verify every single new profile that enters our doors. – This ensures only real members come in with the right intentions that match the ethos of our service.
We have a great customer support system so you can contact us via several methods – If you have a question first of all take a look at our detailed list of FAQ’s. If we have not answered your question there then feel free to send us a message using our email form on our ‘Contact Us’ page.

Why choose us?

Ultimately when choosing anything, you have to go with your gut instinct, but to help make that gut feeling easier for you we want to briefly explain why you should choose It really comes down to the raw fact that we are in the game of being successful. And by that we mean setting up happy and satisfying relationships that allow women to become part of a new family, and offer the commitment and love that might be lacking from a father who has had to raise his children on his own. The other element we provide that we feel is highly beneficial to helping you make your decision is our free membership trial. This allows you to try out our single parent site without having to commit as a full or premium member. Perfect for testing the waters and making sure this is the site for you

The kind of people you could meet

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