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Single Dads Dating

Find dads who are single for dates in the UK

Hello and welcome to the best single dads dating service in the UK. We are proud to offer an online meeting place for local parents to connect and contact each other for offline dating, friendship and relationships. Our community of over 1 million members are all incredibly welcoming and friendly, and are we are always looking for new members to interact and find what they are looking for. Just think your perfect dad match could be literally just a few clicks away. So to have the best possible chance of getting exactly what you want why not sign up for a free trial and give us a go. You’ve got nothing to lose and it will take no more than 60 seconds of your time. If you’re not ready to join us yet have a read of the next few paragraphs where we explain a bit more about this incredibly exciting website.

Our promises to you

To make sure we are constantly offer the highest level of care and success we have put together a list of promises that we intend to keep to ensure we stay the best at what we do.

Attract new members every day to offer everyone more choice locally
To offer the best customer service and support with our dedicated UK phone line
Stay up to date with the latest security tools to keep our members safe
Make sure we moderate every single profile to stop fakes and scammers from ruining our community.
Tailor our entire dating experience to single parents looking to get back into the socialising and meeting others.
Give the best tools for contacting and messaging members.
Keep our website simple, sleek and easy to use for anyone.
Offer all of this on your mobile or tablet device for private and on the go connectivity.

How to get started here

It’s incredibly simple and quick to get set up here. We have made sure that this process is fast to get your right into the action. Our five-step profile registration forms are very easy to use, just navigate to any one of them on these pages, and then start filling in the required information. To get you setup we only require your sex, date of birth, name (ideally not a nickname), email address (don’t worry we don’t send any spam, ever) and finally a password. After filling in these steps you will be automatically set up with your live account, ready to explore all the other great features we offer to contact and meet members.

We moderate every single new member to make sure no one is fake

We know how important it is to not let anything ruin the amazing community of millions of members that make such an exciting, and successful service. That is exactly why we monitor every single new profile that is created here. We employ a human team of moderators whose job it is to go through every single member to make sure their intentions are in line with the rest of the community, and that there actions are going to be genuine and sincere. If our team finds any member that looks like they might be trying to ruin or threaten the enjoyment or privacy of any single parent, then they will be removed from our website. This might sound quite extreme, but the best way to tackle timewasters is on the front line, before they can get through our doors and disrespect our friendly community of members.

Take us around with you in your pocket

Did you know you can use our great service on your mobile or tablet device? Yep, that’s right. We have developed our website to run perfectly and seamlessly on smaller screens. Don’t worry though, you’ll still get exactly the same experience and tools, they have just been modified and redesigned to allow easier navigation and accessibility. Using our mobile service is perfect for two reasons. Firstly it allows you continue all your dating activity on the go, which we know is important for any mother or father trying to raise a family single handily. Secondly, it gives you added privacy as you’re using your own personal device, and not a shared family, or work computer.

The kind of people you could meet

We’d love to welcome you as a member too!