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If you are new to dating, or you are searching for a particular type of partner say a mum, or dad, like here on Then we can’t stress enough how important it is to find a single dads dating site that you can trust, and feel isn’t going to let you down. Unfortunately, like so many services that are launched on the internet, there seem to be as many reputable and trust-worthy ones as there are scams, and dishonest ones. It really does sadden us that someone could potentially choose a site that has been setup by a fraudster, looking to catch easy prey to make a cheap buck. Now we are not saying this to entice you to join our site; we are telling you this because it should be in your interest – are you looking to get results, or are you looking to get ripped off? To help you out we have created a little guide of things to look out for and feel free to use this when comparing any dads dating site. We really do hope it helps.

Have they got any history, or are known as being a reputable brand?

This should be one of the first things you ask yourself when landing on a new site or service you haven’t heard of before. Chances are you can spot 8 out of 10 fake, scam websites by just doing some basic research. Take to Google, and enter in the website name, or even the URL – see how many search results come up, if there is not much material on this website, then chances are it’s probably sprung up recently – that’s not always a bad thing, every service has to start somewhere, but it could also mean it’s popped up to try and make a quick buck before it goes again. See if anyone has done any reviews on the site, even if they have given it a poor review, they still might have said it had a lot of members online and active, or that it was good value for the money. Try and read as much on this service as you can as this will give you a good indication whether it’s genuine or not.

Do they offer the right tools for the job?

When it comes to dating sites, every single one is different. For example, you wouldn’t offer the same tools to Christian Daters as you would say, single parents. These are two very different kettles of fish here, and should be treated as so. The best way to see what tools are on offer is to look at a site, why choose us page. Most serious sites should have this, and it should list all the benefits of joining. If you find a site doesn’t have this, it’s probably best to avoid it like the plague, as it’s probably only setup as a fake. If it does, compare the list against the tools and features of another of your favourite sites. Ask yourself what tools you would want to have the control of using when finding your perfect match – then go with the one that best accommodates that.

How safe and secure are they - do they moderate profiles?

How up to date is this dating websites security and privacy features? Are they running the latest firewalls, or using an SSL certificate to encrypt their member’s data on the site? What about sending out spammy emails – do they do that? Again you can find a lot of this out on their site, or by searching for reviews, internet users are pretty savvy these days, and will quickly take to a forum to complain if their account was hacked, or used elsewhere without their consent. Look out for these types of signs. Are they using a profile moderation team like ‘Dating Protector’? If not chances are they are allowing any Tom, Dick or Harry to enter into their site. If this is true, you could end up mixing with members who have nothing to do with single parents, or dating dads. You could waste tie contacting members, only to find that their interests are in meeting only members over 50… In an ideal world, every dating site should have decent levels of moderation to stop the time-wasters from ruining your experience.

Can they offer a free trial to test the service out?

Finally, find out if the site you like offers a free taster trial. If they are really transparent and open about what they offer upfront on their website, they should also give you the option to try it all out. If they don’t, it’s probably another warning sign. After all, in this day and age, who is going to feel comfortable putting any type of commitment into something, without at least seeing what it can do first? Remember to constantly ask yourself these questions, to help you stay away from trouble, and in the hands of brands that have your best interests at heart.

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