About Us

Who we are:

Find Single Dads is an online dating service based in the UK that does exactly what the name suggests: helps women and mums all over the UK find single fathers for friendship, dating and long last relationships. Our service is unique in offering a specific, tailor made experience for anyone seeking the companionship of a dad. Unlike other traditional parent dating sites, we are direct in targeting and attracting a female audience who are untested in meeting and contact our community of single dads, that is over one million in size. Having such a dedicated service allows us to really develop and work what we offer to the people we are serving, and allows us to offer the tools and features that make the best possible dating experience. Together with our sister service, findsinglemums.co.uk, in the last year alone we have helped over 1000 singles come together, meet and end up in long term relationships all over the UK. We are proud to offer a parent dating service that is so popular and successful, as this allows us to offer members the opportunities to meet locally and build romantic attachments at a very close distance to their home.

What our mission is:

Our mission with our service is a very simple one. We want to help connect as many single dads with new contacts for friendship, dating and relationships all over the UK. We understand that a family break-up can be a devastating and extremely tough and testing time. It's easy for single parents to come out the other side and feel like the wounds will never heal, and that they have to face single parenthood alone. Well we are here to help single parents realise that it doesn't have to like that, there are sites and communities online that can help you break back into the dating game. Not only that, but will also allow you to do it within a safe and secure environment and surrounded by friendly, open and honest individuals who share similar values and life experiences as yourself.

What our future plans are:

Our future plans are to try and reach more single mums and dads so that we can offer them our service if they are feeling isolated or lonely. We are setup here in the UK, but we have plans to expand into other countries like the US, Australia and New Zealand, and hope that we can build the same relationship with our members in new countries as we have here. We thank you for taking the time out of your busy day to have a look at our findsingledads service, and hope we have answered all your questions. If you have do have a question that we have not answered please get in contact with us via our Contact Us page.

Thank you and all the very best with the future,

Find Single Dads Dating Team

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